When was the last time music made you really smile? Not just that moment of recognition or a private memory – we’re talking music that jumps out of the speakers with that lightning in a bottle sparkle that hits all the right spots. Been a while? Well, Brisbane’s CKNU are just what you need. 

While they may slide effortlessly across the genre map, CKNU make music that when stripped back, exists to make you have a good time. This is soul with a sly grin. 

From start to finish their thumping new EP ‘Louder’ is pure joy. Of all their recordings to date, this is the one that captures the band’s now stellar live show. There’s that bottom end rooted in funk and hip-hop; that playfulness that finds them slipping from reggae to R&B; and right out front those stunning harmonies that have become a signature sound led brothers Sah and Tito. 

Largely recording in a home studio the brothers, alongside bandmates Big Daddy T, Jay Jay and George Waqairagata, took their time to get the songs and the sound just right. Experience and maturity as a band helped them understand there was no rush – and first single ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is testament to their commitment and growing songwriting smarts. 

That deeper connection as a band has been built off countless shows including numerous headline shows alongside appearances at festivals including Clancestry, Pacific Sounds and the national BIGSOUND music industry showcase. 

“This band looks the part of a damn fun crew, and that vibe completely comes through.” 
Maggie Collins, triplej

And it’s not just this country where people are finally catching on to what this band have to offer. In early 2016 the band packed up and headed to the Northern Hemisphere after being in invited to showcase at Canadian Music Week. As the event’s Senior A&R consultant Gary Taylor put it: “Pure love and positive energy. They are what the whole world needs! Recording is damn good. Great arrangements. True artists and creators.” 

The trip, the first for a band of Torres Strait artists, saw them play a run of packed showcases, collaborate with Canadian First Nation artists, and win plenty of friends and admirers in the process. And while 2017 will see the band extend it’s Australian touring, heading back overseas is now firmly on the agenda. 

Prolific writers, CKNU have already pulled together a new brace of songs with a follow up to ‘Louder’ already starting to take shape. For now though the band are just happy to be hitting the road to celebrate their finest record to date. As a band CKNU have well and truly stepped up and want to take you for a ride.